Bot Verification Explained

Bot Verification is an important part of search engine optimization. The idea behind it is that a website’s ranking will increase with more accurate information being supplied to Google. You are able to verify that the information provided by a website in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) actually corresponds to what is displayed on the page. For example, a link to a Wikipedia page might be counted as real information to a link to an affiliate landing page would count as spam. This can have a direct effect on your page rank, the higher you are ranked the more visitors will come to your website, this means you will potentially get more revenue from each one of these visitors. Google has recently announced that websites will only be counted if there is a live link present.

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One of the most common problems encountered is when a company decides to use their own bot to check the information provided by a partner. This can be verified manually and the information can then be used to amend the information that Google has deemed to be inaccurate. Google’s bot is still new so this may take time before we see the full effects in terms of rankings but it is clear that Google is working on improving their system and will continue to do so in future.

Bot verification is used by many search engines such as Yahoo!, MSN and Bing. Yahoo is said to have the most sophisticated verification system of them all but is unable to implement anything due to the complexity of the algorithm. Regardless, of the level of verification that each search engine has in place you should always double check your links for validity before publishing them.

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